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March 5, 2024

Keynote - How to Attract and Keep the Best Talent in the Up-and-Coming Generation

  • Keynote
  • Hall A
  • 10:00 AM
  • Jeff Butler

Have you struggled to recruit the right people for your team? And if you were able to find them, was it even more difficult to keep them? More than ever before, talent is in peak demand and companies must completely change the way they view human capital to stay competitive. In this program, you will hear up-to-the-minute data and case studies presented by author Jeff Butler on how organizations are winning the war for talent. Jeff has helped dozens of companies win that battle by developing unique and groundbreaking ways to attract that talent. Jeff will help you discover the three phases of employee recruitment: attention, interest, and commitment. You will learn best practices for screening employees for maximum future performance. Jeff will also outline techniques for spotting effective succession planning.

Jeff has mapped out the complete employee life cycle from hiring to managing to retaining. He will cover key areas where companies often lose talent, ranging from mistakes in their recruitment process to failing to adjust management styles to accommodate changing workplace expectations. Jeff will include both high-level theories as well as tactical strategies for workplace leaders so they can guide their teams to talent victories.